Why the pen with which Charles III of the United Kingdom signed his reign is known as the Power Pen

King Charles III of the United Kingdom signed on September 10 at St James’s Palace in London the oath that proclaims him as the new monarch, and he did not do it in any way, but with a Montblanc pen Meisterstück 146 Solitaire “LeGrand” in sterling silver that commemorate this historic event. But what is so special about this pen?

Although we live in the digital age, of real-time messages and advanced telecommunications, there are certain times when it is still necessary to use traditional writing; and not only that, but also there is still a certain epic in removing a special instrument from the inside pocket of the jacket to stamp a signature, such as on a contract. In this case, the myth increases if the pen is from Montblanc and, furthermore, if the chosen one is a Meisterstück.

In 1908The banker alfred Nehemiah and the engineer august Eberstein They decided to found a house of fountain pens after a trip to the United States. Specifically, their goal was to become “first-class gold fountain pen manufacturers.” Using the most expert craftsmen, they released their first pen, the Rouge et Noir. However, his legend was not forged until 1924.

Courtesy of Montblanc

After changing the name of the company to Montblanc in 1910 – until then they were known as Simplo Filler Pen Co.–, his Hamburg workshop was busy creating new models of his successful pens. Thus they arrived in 1924 at the Meisterstück, the most precise pen manufactured to date and that is still being produced by hand in the German city. Its greatest hallmark is the number “4810” engraved on its tip, which alludes to the height of Mont Blanc and seeks to reinforce the Maison’s intention to reach new heights of excellence with each product.

The combination between engineering and crafts They were key to completing the 100 steps needed to make the fountain pen and the 35 involving the creation of only the tip, essential element of the writing products of the house. Soon, the Meisterstück established itself as a symbol for the culture of writing and as an icon of absolute luxury. The most powerful people in the world only signed with her, from the queen of England to Hemingway, passing through the presidents of the American Government. Such fame acquired this model that, at the end of the 80s, she was nicknamed ‘PowerPen’ in the Wall Street of the yuppies. Therefore, it was to be expected that, when the hitherto Prince Charles was to accede to the throne as Charles III of the United Kingdom, he would not seal this historical moment in any way, but with a pen that had become a legend.

An exclusive, timeless and personalized model that also matches perfectly with the style of the current British monarch. If we review his greatest style lessons, one of the main lessons he left us was to buy once and buy well, making good investments that will last you a lifetime. And if you also want to emulate a contemporary king, you can do with a Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire LeGrand a from 1,580 euros.

Why the pen with which Charles III of the United Kingdom signed his reign is known as the Power Pen